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Residential Services

Commercial Services

We offer you dog waste removal services

At Scoops, we'll do the job that no one else wants to do. We aren't scared to take the dirty job off your hands. If you're looking for weekly or twice weekly pet waste removal services, we'll come to your home and remove the waste from your yard.


If you want us to come, give us a call for our pricing.


We serve all of Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, and the surrounding communities.

Keep your property presentable

At Scoops, we know how important it is to keep your commercial property looking its best. When you have animal waste on your land, we're the professionals to call.


Schedule weekly, monthly or by monthly to ensure that your property is looking great and is free from waste. We always offer our professional services at great prices.


And if you're looking for apartment services, we'll make sure that your tenants will see a dramatic improvement with our services.  

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